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XML is supposed to be easy ... parsing, and traversing low-level XML APIs is not. That's why we built Breeze XML Binder -- to give you the best place to start with XML. Breeze creates JavaBeans directly from your XML structures (so you don't have to!).

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Now Available for download and purchase! This is the latest and best data-binding tool for XML and Java!
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Breeze XML Binder Version 3.0 with XML Schema support and other enhancements is available for download and trial by customers and evaluators.

Breeze XML Binder is the most complete Java/XML data binding solution available. Whether you start with XML Schema, XML DTD, a relational database table view, or just a simple XML document ... you can quickly create production quality Java classes that encapsulate all of the marshalling, validation, and manipulation of your XML.

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On this site, the Breeze FAQ, the download and support systems, as well as the shopping cart are all powered by Breeze XML Binder technology.

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"One developer at Business Logic spent the greater part of six months developing an API to access our financial XML standards, with Breeze, we were able to generate a comparable API within 30 minutes of installation and save hundreds of development man hours."

Jon Hagen, CTO
Business Logic Corporation

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