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Customer Quotes

"Sold! Thanks for getting the Linux distribution out! I just bought it, including a year's worth of support.

I would estimate that Breeze XML Binder has already saved me several weeks worth of tedious, error prone work - and it cost less than a day of my time does! But the best thing is, it's so easy to use that there is virtually no learning curve. Thanks again!"

Steve Poirot, CTO, Dynamic Capital Management


"Great developer tool, Breeze XML Binder eliminates the need for developers to interact with low level APIs and abstracts proprietary calls in a common interface. Hence, providing a more user-friendly developer interface that has a common way to access all XML documents. Great tool for any organization considering XML"

Mike Rymkiewicz, Technical Evangelist, NeoCore


"Breeze XML Binder is a well thought out and simple to use product that has saved my project months of time and made the resulting code more bullet proof. The Breeze team has been extremely responsive when I have needed their support. Congratulations to the team on a great product, from a satisfied customer".

Farrukh Najmi, JAXR Specification Lead, Sun Microsystems


"Congratulations on what appears to be a first class product, and if I have anything to do with it BP will be using it extensively in the near future."

Dave Clarke, Engagement Architect, British Petroleum


"I found that the "traditional" methods of parsing XML in Java carried a very steep learning curve. The code that Breeze XML Binder produces gives me a very simple, very easy to use object model that frees me from having to think about the nasty complexities of SAX and DOM and, instead, lets me focus on the business logic of our application."

Kevin L. McBride, Member of Technical Staff, Altaworks Corp.


"XML has become increasingly important to data-interchange, and The Breeze Factor products helped us enhance XML functionality in our AppServer"

Alan Shoap, VP Enterprise Business Unit, Borland Software


"We have been using Breeze XML Binder for the past year. The Breeze XML Binder product has helped us transition some of our market feed services to an XML services architecture. This product has enabled us to focus on application development rather than the lower level details of parsing XML, validating XML and converting XML to Java objects. This has effectively cut our development cycles by 50% in some cases."

Venkat Krishnamoorthy, Director of Application Development, Multex.com


"The nice thing about Breeze is that it does not try to be your solution - it provides a flexible toolbox for your solution. It integrates easily with other vendors products. It has been very effective for us."

Matt Kenney, Development Analyst, Stora Enso North America


"XSD is ideally suited to expressing business semantics. With its early support of XSD, The Breeze Factor is enabling users to bring that power to the application layer"

Lee Buck, VP Chief Scientist XML Technologies, Tibco Extensibility


"I have been using Breeze XML Binder for several months. The product that we are developing uses XML as the core data transfer mechanism. We have saved several months of development time by using your product. Breeze XML Binder is easy to use and does it's job very well. I have had no problems with installation or usage. I told your CTO how impressed I was. Breeze XML Binder is so easy to use, it has made my XML Java coding a "breeze". I would recommend your product to anyone who needs to mix XML and Java."

Wyn Easton, Product Developer, IBM/Tivoli


"Using Breeze saved our staff time by allowing us to skip the time needed to figure out how SAX and DOM work. We can make changes to our DTD files, import them into the Breeze Studio, and let Breeze create the Java classes needed to access the XML data without being exposed to the XML parsing classes. In the new release, changing the organizational structure of the data in Breeze to better match the DTD organization was a big plus."

Andrew Chagnon, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems


"One developer at Business Logic spent the greater part of six months developing an API to access our financial XML standards, … with Breeze, we were able to generate a comparable API within 30 minutes of installation and save hundreds of development man hours."

Jon Hagen, Chief Technology Officer, Business Logic Corporation


"By bringing the capabilities of Breeze XML Binder to XENON's X-Studio and Tamino, we add valuable language-binding capabilities and an important extension to our development environment. This integration is a natural one and we believe many of our customers will be pleased with the result. Compared to the DOM [Document Object Model], Breeze is a more straight forward facility for programs to interact with XML objects."

Dr. Peter Mossack, VP of Research & Development, Software AG


"I wanted to let you know that my guys are trying your product and they have found it to be excellent, absolutely excellent … and we would like to talk to you more…"

Jim Ellerbee, Vice President of Technology, Citibank


"XML is designed to make data-interchange easier - Breeze helps make designing XML systems easy",

Stephen Cotes, e-business consultant to Fortune 1000


"Application Integration will be a cornerstone for fully automated XML-based business-to-business interchange. "Complimentary products such as XML Authority and Breeze XML Binder, provide organizations a comprehensive solution to create and implement the framework for XML initiatives."

Reid Conrad, Vice President, Tibco Extensibility


"[Breeze XML Binder] was exactly what we were looking for and provides a straight-forward and intuitive programming interface to Tamino",

Nigel Hutchison, Chief Development Architect, Software AG


"Acting as a foundation layer in our architecture, Breeze generates code we would otherwise have to write ourselves,"

Jim Becker, President of PHT Clinical Networks


"We use the Breeze objects as an active repository for the data we collect, and to interpret and create XML data streams. Sharing this layer [among our server and clients] ensures accurate XML document generation and reduces development time."

Guy Johnson, software architect, PHT Clinical Networks