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Breeze XML Binder 3.0 for Java™, the first complete XML data-binding solution, simplifies e-business using XML. Breeze generates Java object models from XML structures and encapsulates the low-level details of working with instances of XML documents. Breeze provides an "an alternative to the DOM" for processing XML from Java.

Breeze XML Binder simplifies and accelerates your XML development by creating Java classes that encapsulate XML parsing and validation and which have methods that map directly to your XML data elements and attributes.

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Breeze XML Binder Version 3.0 for Java is an upgrade and improvement on previous Breeze XML Studio products. Breeze XML Binder adds support for XML Schema, has NO DEPLOYMENT LICENSING, and has a host of improvements that you can read about here.

Breeze creates a custom API for your application-specific XML structures and gives you a powerful toolkit for transporting your files around the internet.

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New Features in 3.0
  • Bind XML Schema
  • W3C Namespaces
  • DOM Interoperable
  • Superclasses
  • Configurable lists
  • Automatic compile
  • JAXB-like
  • Free Deployment!!!
  • Quote
    "Using Breeze saved our staff time by allowing us to skip the time needed to figure out how SAX and DOM work.

    We can make changes to our DTD files, import them into the Breeze Studio, and let Breeze create the Java classes needed to access the XML data without being exposed to the XML parsing classes."

    Andrew Chagnon, Software Engineer,
    Cisco Systems